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GScene Brighton
January 24, 2014


"Special mention must go to Michael Solonoski who sings live to a lost love while skating and performing double axels. His performance mesmorised the audience and had the hair standing up on the back of my neck."  -- James Ledward

West Briton
March 06, 2014


"Massive applause must go to professional skater Michael Solonoski (USA) for Tonight, which featured pitch perfect vocals while simultaneously executing intricate skating stunts."  -- Caroline Chick

May 01, 2014


"...Michael Solonoski, who somehow managed to sing beautifully at the same time as skating in one number, his timing faultless and with no sign of breathlessness..."  -- Vivienne Kennedy

April 30, 2014


"In the second half there was an extremely unusual act which involved Michael Solonoski both singing and skating at the same time. His voice was incredible, and so was his skating, in the brief musical interludes between his singing he performed triple jumps, and he skated around the stage as he sang. It was beyond me how this was actually possible."  -- Giverny Masso

Listomania Bath
May 1, 2014


"...special note must go to Michael Solonoski who managed to combine exquisite dance routines while singing at the same time, with not a hint of heavy breathing or a missed step. How did he do that!"  -- Ian Waller

Edinburgh Southside Advertiser
March 26, 2014


"Special mention has to be made of ... Michael Solonoski's moving live performance of Elton John's song "Tonight,"  sung while skating of course."  

Luton Today
April 9, 2014


"...American Michael Solonoski singing superbly while continuing to flash around the rink at a rate of knots..."   -- Alan Wooding

What's on Stage 
January 17, 2014


"Although it is difficult to choose artistes that stand out from this impressive line-up, I personally much enjoyed: Michael Solonoski who sings poignantly to a lost love, whilst skating a complicated dance routine..."   -- Veronica Crowley

Native Monster 
April 21, 2014


"...Yes, he's live, every single note, every night and it''s phenomenal.  If I'm jealous of anything in the show it's Michael's performance of that number in the middle of act two..."    -- Robin Cousins in an interview with Native Monster


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